Sports is our passion, they are our roots. But we are as passionate about sportswear, fashion and lifestyle.
We specialize in the field of sports and luxury goods and where sports and luxury products converge, and are among the leading agencies for positioning sports brands in the high-end fashion and luxury segment. Acting between the lines is difficult, but offers a lot of opportunities for creativity and intensified the contact to various media categories.

We cultivate close relations with editors and journalists for media who target the consumer market and are also a reliable partner for trade and special-interest media.
360 Public Relations stands for innovative, professional and credible PR advertising expertise. This sets us apart. We bring many years of editorial experience with key publications and agencies to what we do. This uniquely qualifies us to create long-lasting awareness of our clients’ brand values with media professionals. 

We offer:
- classic PR
- consulting for brand strategy, brand positioning, market launch
- media planning
- cooperations
- organization of events
- product placements
- organization of raffles
- organization of press trips
- mailings for retailers, company publications